Cover art by Sarah And Schooling

Cover art by Sarah And Schooling

A Book of Changes (2016)

poems – singapore: ten year series, an imprint of math paper press

Change is what happens to everything: history is humanity’s attempt to make sense of this inevitability. In his debut collection of poetry, Daryl Lim Wei Jie paints minute strokes that give way to panoramas, strewn with unusual asides: migrants crossing oceans; an ancient king reclaiming a throne; rivers clogged with corpses; the paperwork for an invasion; a milo dinosaur the height of Mount Everest. A Book of Changes is a young poet’s attempt to make sense of the impossible ebb and flow of time. 


"A Book of Changes in its illumination of the present through democratised recovered voices and imaginings of present and past makes for a truly promising debut collection that signals both a healthy future and a decisive skip forward for Singapore poetry." 

Professor Richard Angus Whitehead, Asiatic

about the imprint

Ten Year Series is an editorial imprint managed by Sing Lit Station, specialising in poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction by Singaporean authors. It seeks to apply Singapore-style structural discipline to the making of a manuscript. Founded in 2015, the Ten Year Series imprint primarily selects work that has progressed through a multi-month peer-driven workshopping process. It then forges it in the crucible of Manuscript Bootcamp, an intensive editorial programme that provides input and feedback from publishers, academics, editors, journalists and writers prior to publication. Find out more at tenyearseries.org.

about the publisher

Math Paper Press, an imprint of BooksActually, is a small press publisher of poetry, new wave novellas, full-length novels, and essays. Its eclectic range of literary and visual works also includes photography collections, memoirs and young adult fiction. Math Paper Press also distributes books by selected small presses.